Psychedelics. Connected.

Your operation runs on data, reporting and verification. We make sure that happens in a privacy-first environment.

Agri-Logix is an end-to-end software solutions provider, that helps psychedelic businesses manage, analyze, and control their data to enable innovation while still ensuring data remains private and secure.

Psychedelic Centric Data Analytics

We turn Data into Decision Making


There is nothing more frustrating than spending money on a number of different softwares that only leave you still needing a team to execute the program. More often then not, these cookie cutter setups don't work and end up costing more. We ensure collaboration, through tried and true backend architectures, api building and custom code, Resulting in a customizable UI to efficiently make decisions no matter what part of the business you are in.

Secure Channeled Communication

A main concern for many is the data silos that exist not only from team member to team member but from departments, business units and sometimes outside Vendors. We help create your custom API endpoints to ensure data that is needed in different areas, gets there. And if it is an outside vendor, we have a proprietary encrypted way of keeping it safe and nearly anonymous.


Repetitive time consuming tasks take up precious resources.
Building custom software to replace monotonous tasks, that help improve your bottom line as you scale your business, is the goal. Delivering autonomous task agents that decipher data securely and effectively.

Future Proof Software


Bring Your Own Process

We are able to take tasks that use to eat away at your valuable time, and through the use of software, simplify, and automate those tasks. The end result is a streamlined process, that saves time, money and energy. A win-win for all!


Get Ahead of Competition

With our data analytics and customized dashboards, stay on top of what is most important. Make sure product arrives ahead of schedule, tasks are completed, resources are allocated, and profit is maximized!

Experience a smarter way to make decisions.

Your data delivers insights, sometimes we just need to uncover those insights and connect the dots. You have the ingredients now let us give you the magic recipe.

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Your Technology Partner

Why are we the right decision for you? We stand behind our products. And with hundreds of potential integrations that make us the perfect technology partner for your operation.

Big Data, Big Opportunity

Every operation should have:

1. Clear, concise data

2. The ability to make decisions based on scientific, actionable, highly detailed information.

3. Provide automation to tasks that were taking up precious time and eating into the bottom line.