Future Proof.Controlled Environment Agriculture

Indoor farming is on the rise. Here we help you bridge the gap and offer expertise into full building and plant automation.

Controlled Environments

CEA can be complex. Let us help.

What does Controlled Environmental Agriculture entail?

☑️ Irrigation Design
☑️ Water Schedules
☑️ Exact Nutrient Feeding Schedules
☑️ Advanced Scheduling for Environments (Lights, HVAC, Fans etc.)
☑️ Electrical Overload Warnings and Preventative Maintenance
☑️ Task management
☑️ Compliance API's
☑️ Harvest Yield Predictions

             High level of customization and reporting available
Custom Plans


Controlled Environmental Ag

Controlled Environments are especially tricky and important for growers. We work with you to come up with a clear scope and plan of implementation from both a hardware and software perspective.

The Most complete operation

Indoor Ag is the Future

With all of our natural resources becoming more and more scarce, it is important to do more with less. Sensors, monitoring and a clear operational plan is key.We want to ensure the most complete and functional setup with the ability to help outfit entire buildings with sensors, automation, and top of the line machine learning technologies.

Let us be your technology partner.

Our belief is every organization should have:

1. Clear, concise data

2. The ability to make decisions based on scientific, actionable, highly detailed information.

3. Provide automation to tasks taking up precious time and eating into the bottom line.