Multiple Scenarios. One Language

The ability to leverage data with multiple organizations while keeping privacy and security intact.


Tensor Smart Contract Language

Deploy Secured Data Infrastructure

Share and Analyze Data With No Risk

Comply With Regulation



Being able to share key data points with no risk of your input data being compromised. Share them in-house or with a third-party. It is all the same, we use encrypted channels and proprietary autonomous agents to deliver real results.

Artificial Intelligence

Set it and Forget it

Input your key parameters, we take care of the rest. By using AI, Machine Learning, and Smart Contracts, our system will predict what is needed and execute arrangements for the best case scenarios for all parties involved.


The idea may be complex, but the execution doesn't have to be.
What if you could automatically optimize inventory, create high ROI SKU's, pay vendors and always be in compliance?

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We understand the needs of the industry, we are easy to work with, offer assurances, and with hundreds of potential integrations this makes us the perfect technology partner for your operation.